Top Places to Eat in Montego Bay at an Affordable Price

Top view of a table with rice and peas, jerk chicken, jerk pork, festival and red stripe.

Feeling hungry? Imagine savouring some of the best, succulent, fresh and flavorful jerk pork with a side of rice and peas in sunny Montego Bay all at an affordable price. Buying food while on vacation shouldn’t break the bank and just because the food is cost-effective that does not mean taste should be sacrificed either! Listed below are tasty cost-effective eats in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Food that is quality and affordable, yet delivers great flavour and satisfaction.

Jamaica is renowned for its flavorful and authentic food and is also known to have some of the best food in the Caribbean. Our list provides a variety of food options that also includes international dishes. Whatever you are craving you should be able to find it at an affordable price that doesn't hurt your pockets.  

Montego Bay

A man standing beside the pimento wood used to cook jerk chicken and jerk pork at Scotchie's Montego Bay, Jamaica

Image by Renee Suen 

If you are looking to try some real authentic Jerk, Scotchies is the place. At Scotchies you can watch the meat being made over an open pit with pimento wood. This is one of the key steps as to why their jerk tastes so scrumptious. If you are not into jerk chicken or jerk pork they also have fish and ribs and a wide variety of sides including rice and peas, festival, bammy and more. Enjoy your meal in a rustic environment with wooden tables, barrel chairs and thatched umbrellas. Scotchies is a very popular place so be prepared to wait a bit if you are ordering during peak hours.

Jerky’s Bar & Grill 
29 Alice Eldemire Drive Montego Bay, Jamaica

Outside dining area of Jerky's Bar & Grill in Montego Bay, Jamaica

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Jerky’s Bar & Grill is another favourite casual jerk spot with a great atmosphere. They are known for the flavour and tenderness of their jerk chicken. The menu may not be vast but the flavour sure is! Jerky’s offers jerk chicken and jerk pork, fish, shrimp, soups and common Jamaican sides. A few items are available for breakfast as well such as saltfish, salt mackerel and brown stew chicken. If you enjoy the vibe of this restaurant then you should check out their Saturday night karaoke or live DJ on Friday.  

The Pelican Grill
Gloucester Avenue, Montego Bay

Plated ackee and saltish served with boiled banana, yam and fried dumpling from Pelican Grill in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Image by the Pelican Grill

The Pelican Grill is a well known family friendly restaurant that has been around for over 50 years. Perfectly located on the hip strip overlooking the sea, this restaurant serves a great variety of Jamaican and international dishes. Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch or dinner, Pelican Grill serves it all! The Pelican Grill has a very diverse menu including oxtail, curry goat, jerk chicken, stew peas and many more Jamaican dishes. Not feeling for Jamaican food? They also have steak, chicken alfredo, hamburgers, and more. The menu doesn't end there, they also have options for vegetarians and vegans. If you choose to dine in, opt to finish off your meal with one of their refreshing alcoholic cocktails.

Island Grill 
Embassy Pl, Montego Bay

Serving of oxtail, rice and peas, and salad from Island Grill in a take out container.

Image by Island Grill

Island Grill is a popular chain restaurant in Jamaica with a great reputation. Unlike the chain restaurants we are used to in America where greasy, deep fried foods are sold, Island Grill serves flavorful Jamaican dishes. “Cooked slowly, served quickly” is their motto. So rest assured you will be getting amazing wholesome meals without the long wait. They have select Jamaican meals including curry, chicken, fish meals and a few international meals such as nuggets and sandwiches. Looking for breakfast? If you come early enough, you will be able to grab breakfast. 

Hungry D’s
Unit 8, Southern Cross Business Circle, Alice Eldemire Drive Freeport, Montego Bay Jamaica

Front entrance to Hungry D's in Montego Bay 

Image by Recarro James

Hungry D’s is a place where you can really get a bang for your buck. Make sure your belly is empty before you visit here because they are known for their very generous portions. Serving a blend of international and Jamaican food, there is something for everyone. Their menu includes soups, escovitch fish, curry chicken, stew beef, fried chicken, and chicken alfredo just to name a few. They have plenty of sides including mashed potatoes and their very popular mouth-watering mac and cheese. Feeling for something sweet? Hungry D’s also serves pastries as well. One thing about hungry D’s is they do not lack when it comes to variety.

Tastee & Juici Patties 
Various locations

Multiple beef patties

Image by Jae Jay

If you are looking for something small to munch on, a nice delectable patti combined with warm coco bread will create a delightful snack. Depending on how tiny your stomach is, you may not even eat dinner after this patty sandwich. A patty from either restaurant will not leave you disappointed. Both restaurants offer other flavours besides beef and also sell breakfast and lunch meals such as porridge, ackee and saltfish, fried chicken and soups. We recommend just going for the patties, you won’t be disappointed.

KFC, Burger King, Wendy's
Various locations

Two piece chicken combo from KFC Jamaica

Image by KFC Jamaica

Yes, as cliche as it may be we had to add KFC, Burger King and Wendys; after all, they are cost-effective restaurants. Even though they are international restaurants that sell the same food, something about the food served in these restaurants in Jamaica tastes WAY better. Don’t believe us? Try it for yourself. A two piece combo at KFC is actually finger licking good. Just be prepared for long lines when you visit. 

Sweet Spice
Unit #6 Fairview Market Place, Montego Bay

Dining area of Sweet Spice
Image by Sweet Spice

Sweet Spice offers delicious curried goat and fish, conch, oxtail, and ackee saltfish. If you fancy any of those things, Sweet Spice is worth a try. Although they do not serve any alcoholic beverages they have delicious natural juices that will quench your thirst like never before. 

If you are looking for some delicious jerk; Scotchies or Jerky’s Bar & Grill are your go-to. If you don't know what to eat and are looking for variety; Pelican Grill or Hungry D’s is your best option. Not so hungry but just want a snack? Tastee or Juici Patties will hit the spot. The best part of it all is it doesn't have to cost much to get real authentic and great tasting food. We hope you're feeling as hungry as we are reading this and thinking about your next meal in Montego Bay.  

By: I Heart Travel Jamaica