Top 5 Hidden Gems in Jamaica

29 May 2020

Top 5 Hidden Gems in Jamaica


Close your eyes, now imagine white sand in-between your toes and the warmth of the Caribbean sun against your skin as the soft rhythms of reggae music grace your ears. You’ve just finished a mouth-watering plate of the best local cuisine, washed down with a watermelon-flavored Red Stripe. 

Dreaming of your next trip to Jamaica?

We have you covered!  At  I Heart Travel Jamaica, we recommend visiting spots that locals love as well as travelers. Although it’s tempting to remain in your vacation home or resort, we encourage everyone who visits Jamaica to explore this vast and beautiful land. The creative entrepreneurship, along with the comprehensive originality of these spots will leave you in awe of the incredible places Jamaicans have in their communities.  Plus, venturing off the beaten path will always give the authentic vibe of the island and leave you with beautiful memories.

Here are some hot spots you must visit the next time you travel to Jamaica: 


1. PLEASURE COVE BEACH (Ocho Rios, Jamaica)

 Escovitch Fish with Festival

Escovitch Fish with Festival


Come for the food, staying for the beach! Pleasure Cove Beach is a hidden piece of paradise that offers fresh seafood such as Snapper and Escovitch Fish, or more traditional meals such as Jerk or Fried Chicken. With a serene ambiance, Pleasure Cove Beach Bar is truly a hidden gem within Ocho Rios that must be explored.  Conveniently easy to find, you won’t be disappointed.


2. RAINFOREST ADVENTURE (Runaway Bay, Jamaica)

 Dive into this blue hole

Dive into this blue hole


Off the beaten path in every sense, this  highly acclaimed adventure is a must-do. Rainforest Adventure leads you on an immersive hike through a lush beautiful forest, that ends at a stunning waterfall with a blue hole! Throughout the hike, you’ll be introduced to the history of the land while learning about domestic medicinal herbs and its benefits. You’ll even get the opportunity to discover unique fruits and plants!  By the end of the tour, your adventure concludes with an immersive dive into the sparkling blue hole- an experience that not only rejuvenates your body but also your soul.


3. CHRIS’S CAFE (Oracabessa, Jamaica)


I Heart Jamaica Cooking Class w/Chef Chris


Chris’s Cafe is absolutely terrific! Located in the town of Oracabessa, it is definitely a favorite to locals and visitors including Actor Chris Rock, Rapper Jay-z, and the late travel documentarian Anthony Bourdain. The Cafe offers authentic Jamaican dishes and an array of natural juices made daily that will leave you wishing you had extra tummy room for more. Owner Christopher Marsh is truly a pleasure and treats all his guests like family. His dishes are unforgettable, to say the least, here’s your guide to this special spot!


4. BLUE LAGOON (Portland, Jamaica)  

 Blue Lagoon Portland Jamaica

I Heart Jamaica Guests at Blue Lagoon


A boat ride through the warm, clear waters of Jamaica is an absolute must. As you make your way toward the  blue lagoon, the scenery highlights the spectacular landscape of Portland. This part of the island is not only relaxing but offers lush greenery and soft beaches. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted and voyaged away on an intimate adventure, discovering the history and origins of the area. You may even spot a stingray on your way to the island! Once you’ve arrived, you can swim your worries away and relax in the beautiful water.


5. JERK BY THE RIVER (Runaway Bay, Jamaica)

 I Heart Jamaica's Most Popular Private Experience

I Heart Jamaica's Most Popular Private Experience


Jerk by the River is truly one of the most intimate, educational, and serene experiences in Jamaica. Imagine learning to cook the most famous Jamaican dish, not within the confines of a kitchen, but right beside a stunning river embedded in the middle of nature. This hands-on-experience will enrich your senses as the chicken is cooked the authentic Jamaican way- through the legendary jerk pan.

The fun doesn’t end there, you’ll learn to play Jamaican dominoes, and once your meal is ready, indulge in the rich flavor you just produced while sipping on a Red Stripe beer. Mouthwatering, indeed.


In Conclusion:

Whew, what an amazing list! Feeling excited about your next adventure? This was just the tip of the iceberg- the options are endless for you to explore. But don’t you worry, I Heart Jamaica has you covered for all things Jamaica. Contact us today, let us Make Your Stay Fantastic!


By: Camille Teape