The Best Things To Do in Jamaica

Food, music, beaches, rivers and waterfalls are just a few of the enviable attractions Jamaica has to offer. Whether you are a nature lover, beach bum, or explorer, you won’t get bored in Jamaica. 

Nature lovers will be overwhelmed by all they can do in Jamaica. From hiking, diving off cliffs, visiting waterfalls and more. The options are endless.

For those who love history, Jamaica is renowned for its many historic sites. From Forts to Churches, the history speaks for itself.

We’ve compiled a list of the best things to do in Jamaica to make sure that you are going to the right places and you get the most out of your trip. These attractions only scratch the surface of the best things to do in Jamaica and should be included in your itinerary.

  1. Rafting

Image by Visit Jamaica.

We’re sure you've seen the infamous picture of people in the middle of a river on bamboo. Bamboo rafting on the river is one of the most popular things to do in Jamaica. Board a 30 foot raft with a certified guide and be prepared to be in total awe. Enjoy a slow and tranquil experience down the river while observing the beautiful tropical scenery. Learn the history of the land and Jamaica while being surrounded by luscious trees and calm ripples of water. Along the route you can stop and purchase souvenirs or refreshments from local vendors. The ride is a minimum of an hour depending on where you go. For the best rafting experience we recommend Martha Brae River or Lethe Estates. 

  1. Blue Hole

Image by Exotic Excursion

Blue Hole is often described as a paradise for nature lovers. High up within the tropical mountains is water cascading from the falls into a clear turquoise pool. Blue Hole is named after its mesmerizing bright and turquoise waters. It is a hidden treasure that is often not crowded yet makes an exhilarating and refreshing trip. You can jump or play like tarzan and swing on a rope from daring heights into the water. If you don't feel like jumping in you can climb down the rocks or admire from the side. There is something for everyone; high cliffs for the more adventurous and low cliffs for the more timid. The adventure doesn't end there, you can have a guide safely take you through the jungle to the secret falls and caves where you can enjoy the various pools of clear blue water that you come across along the way. Be sure to have your camera charged as it is a sight to behold and makes great instagram worthy pictures.

  1. Ricks Cafe

Image by Things to do in Jamaica

Great music, food, dancing, beautiful sunsets and cliff diving. If you enjoy those things, this hot spot in Negril is perfect for you. Rick’s Cafe is a bar and restaurant located on a 35-foot high cliff.  Let the warm tropical breeze caress your skin while the sweet sounds of Jamaican music play around you. Relax and enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets or turn up the adrenaline with a jump off the cliff. Even if you don't enjoy cliff diving you can still partake and watch others dive. Who knows, others may inspire you and you may get the courage to dive. We recommend going early to reserve your spot as it gets crowded around sunset. 

  1. Rose Hall Great House

Image by Rose Hall

Rose Hall Great House is the perfect place for a history lesson as the story is like a novel. Captivating stories about love, murder and mystery that are sure to give goosebumps. Rose Hall was originally a plantation and is now used as a historic museum. It is a restored 18th century Georgian style masterpiece with a beautiful ocean view. The museum showcases the slave history of the estate and also the legend of the white witch of Rose Hall known as Annie Palmer. If you are a fan of ghost stories, choose the spooky candlelit evening tour. Prepare to be kept on your toes and possibly say hi to Annie as legend has it she still roams the halls of Rose Hall.

  1. Seven Miles Beach

Image by Jamaica Experiences

One of the treasures of Negril is Seven Miles Beach. This beach is literally seven miles of white sand and crystal clear water. Seven Miles Beach consists of a four mile stretch while the other three miles extend into Bloody Bay.  If you are looking to experience the closest thing to paradise this is where you come. Seven Miles has an abundance of space to bring your beach day to life. If you want a little adventure on the beach there are plenty of watersport activities to partake in such as snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, etc. 

  1. Strawberry Fields Together!

Image by Strawberry Fields Together

Experience nature at its best with 18 acres of land in Robin’s Bay at Strawberry Fields Together! Strawberry Fields Together! is the epitome of true beauty and natural wonder with its enchanting scenery. Providing the perfect escape of everyday life with two private beaches, a restaurant, nature, and unlimited relaxation. It is the perfect place to have a quiet and private tropical getaway. Words cannot describe the beauty of this haven. If you think Jamaica is paradise, wait until you visit Strawberry Fields Together!, a paradise within paradise. 

  1. Benta River Falls

Benta River Falls is a family owned off the beaten path haven that is worth the journey. This property features seven waterfalls, a blue lagoon and acres of scenic terrain. You can explore this property with a guided tour or be bold and go without. The activities to do here include climbing the falls, getting a rejuvenating mud bath, swimming, relaxing in the natural jacuzzi, hiking, and grabbing something to eat and drink at the restaurant and bar. Enjoy a day of outdoor adventure and relaxation at Benta River Falls.

  1. Blue Lagoon

If you enjoy spending time in nature you will enjoy Blue Lagoon. Located in Port Antonio is mesmerizing turquoise water with lush greenery. The water is cool and very deep, approximately 180 feet according to reports and a mix of freshwater and saltwater. A visitor can raft or take a boat  to experience Blue Lagoon. Boat rides or raft tours stop at Monkey Island where you can unwind and relax. A unique feature about Blue Lagoon is its magical waters that change its shade of blue throughout the day depending on the angle of the sun. 

  1. Cambleton Adventures

Image by Cambleton Adventures

For people who love thrill, nature and adventure this is for you! Have you ever seen those breathtaking images of people on a swing in Jamaica? This is where it's done! Cambleton Adventures is a family owned business located in Negril. Enjoy the beauty of the pristine Cambleton Mountains while ATVing or hiking. If you dare, top off your thrill packed adventure with the 7 Mile Swing. Close your eyes, let go of your fears and let the breeze stroke your skin as you swing away. If you are brave enough to open your eyes, enjoy the rewarding view of Jamaica while you swing. 

  1. Blue Mountains

Image by Visit Jamaica

Get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city and gain some peace and tranquility. It is nice to get away from distractions and to truly enjoy this beautiful world we live in. Take a deep breath and enjoy the peace and calmness that comes with being in the forest.

Blue Mountain is the largest mountain range and forms the highest point in Jamaica at over 7000 feet. Visiting Blue Mountain is a must as there is plenty to do and explore. Unforgettable scenery in the mountain includes waterfalls and natural springs that have some spots for swimming. While visiting observe the flora and fauna that are endemic to this region. For those who love challenges you can climb the mountain and be on top of Jamaica! The view includes the north and south coast of Jamaica and depending on the time you can see Cuba. To top it off, you can also learn about Blue Mountain coffee which is one of the best coffees in the world.

  1. Devon House

Image by Things to do in Jamaica

Devon House is another historic monument in Jamaica. The Devon House mansion was the home of Jamaica’s first black millionaire - George Stiebel. Today Devon House is a fun, family recreation and entertainment complex where you can dine, shop, relax and tour. Go back in time with a guided tour of the Devon House and learn about the story of Devon House. If history is not your thing, spend some time relaxing in the garden with a walk or your favorite book. If you get hungry while visiting you can dine at the various restaurants and bars. Before leaving be sure to get some ice cream at the fourth best place to get ice cream in the world! 

Bonus: Food Drink & Culture Discover Jamaica

Food Drink & Culture Discover Jamaica is an activity where you can learn how to make and enjoy a delicious meal with a view overlooking the Caribbean sea. Learn how to make Jamaican oxtail, a signature pineapple salad and the perfect plantains. 

The places listed above should have you undoubtedly convinced to make Jamaica one of your next vacation spots. We hope we have you excited to visit Jamaica and currently looking at plane ticket prices. Get on out and explore Jamaica as there are plenty of things to do while visiting. Enjoy a calm and serene rafting experience down a river, explore a waterfall, brush up on your history or dip your feet in the warm Caribbean Sea. The choices are endless, what adventure awaits you?

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