Five Reasons Why Jamaica is the Best Vacation Destination


     Jamaica is renowned for being the birthplace of jerk and reggae however there is so much more to the island. Beautiful beaches, soaring mountain peaks, and towering waterfalls are just a few of the unique features not found in other destinations. 

     What if we told you that an unforgettable vacation awaits you in Jamaica? All of your tropical fantasies can become a reality. Jamaica is the perfect place to escape safely, have fun, eat great food and enjoy good vibes. Jamaica’s food, culture, music and beaches are just a few of the things that attract visitors each year. Here is our list of 5 reasons why Jamaica is the best vacation destination.  

1. Take your pick of delicious cuisine

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     No one wants to travel to a new country and not enjoy the food. Being hungry while on vacation is no fun. In Jamaica, food is no problem and the least of your worries. From patties to jerk to acclaimed ice cream, Jamaica does not disappoint. Even the simple snacks such as fruit and patties are delicious. Enjoy mouth-watering flavorful local cuisine such as oxtail, curry goat or jerk chicken/pork paired with perfectly tender rice and peas. Even if you don't want local cuisine there are plenty of restaurants that serve scrumptious international cuisine. Feeling for Thai, Indian, or Italian? You can satisfy that craving. Even fast food such as KFC and Burger King tastes amazing in Jamaica. Regardless of the food that you choose to eat you will not be disappointed. Jamaicans just know how to throw down in the kitchen and don't miss with their meals.

2. Experience Local Life

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     The beautiful island of Jamaica is visited by plenty of people each year, however very few of them get to see Jamaica’s real beauty. We are talking about areas that don't cater to mainstream tourism. If you think the resorts and beaches are the main gems of Jamaica you are in for a surprise and it is a shame because you are missing out. Don’t just stay at your resort and go to the pool/beach everyday with one excursion. Go on an adventure, talk to the locals and see the city! Taking a tour with a certified guide is the best way to get this experience and explore. 

     The locals are kind, hospitable and friendly. Their positive vibes are contagious and make you feel happy and comfortable. Living in the now and positive vibes are qualities of Jamaicans that many people can learn from. Connecting and conversing with the locals allows you to gain insight on Caribbean life. Dining at local restaurants and cookshops is another great way to experience local life as you will get authentic food. No resort can make rice and peas or oxtail like a local cookshop.

3. Choose Your Favorite Water Activity

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     Imagine sitting on a bamboo raft travelling down a river surrounded by lush greenery, the sounds of gentle water ripples echoed by birds chirping with the sun peaking through and caressing your skin. Sounds like such a relaxing moment and a scene out of a movie right? You don’t have to just imagine this, you can experience this yourself while rafting in Jamaica. If you are a water lover, Jamaica is the place for you. Not only are the water activities amazing but the view that it comes with is breathtaking. 

     There are plenty of water activities to partake in. There are popular activities such as horseback riding in the sea, catamaran parties, snorkeling, tubing, kayaking and much more. You can also explore beautiful waterfalls and lagoons. Blue Hole, Benta River Falls, Blue Lagoon, Reggae Falls and YS Falls are a few of the breathtaking waterfalls worth seeing. Rafting at Martha Brae or Lethe Estates is another popular attraction. Better yet, if you’d like an adrenaline rush Cliff diving at Rick’s Cafe will do the trick. 

4. Take in Some Jamaican History

Image by Jamaica Tourism Board

     Who doesn't love a great history lesson? The history of a country tells so much about their people. Originally inhabited by the Arawak Indians, Jamaica has a rich and long history that includes periods of Spanish and English rule until their independence in 1962.  One of the best ways a traveller can deepen their connection with a country is to learn about its history. From a few stories of black wealth to victorious slavery rebellions during the coloniel era, there are plenty of historical sites in Jamaica that tell the story of the past that helped to shape it today. Visiting a great house in Jamaica is a great way to do this. Usually the great house is the gem of the estate and is a beautifully built two storey house. Along with the estate comes a legacy of slavery, giving the great house an extra touch of history. A few of the popular great houses include Rose Hall Great House, Bellefield Great House & Gardens and Greenwood Great House. Devon House is also a great place to visit for some history where you can end your visit with a sweet treat. One can also learn about the musical history in Jamaica being the birthplace of reggae. A great place for some musical history is the Bob Marley Museum. 

5. Discover the magic of the island

     Once you travel to Jamaica you have to keep going back. There is just something about the island that has you under a spell in no time! Jamaica’s magnificent landscape of lush mountains, endless white-sand beaches, cascading waterfalls and flowing rivers will captivate you. The sun and tropical weather are just the cherry on top. Wherever you go in this enchanted paradise, you will have your breath taken away by the natural beauty. Also the island has a way of making you feel free and letting go of your worries. 

     For these reasons and many more, this is why Jamaica is the best vacation destination. Your belly will always be full with all the amazing cuisine there is. Experiencing local life allows you to see the true beauty of the island. There are plenty of waterfalls and lagoons that add to the beauty of the island and make for great water activities. Even if water activities aren’t your thing, Jamaica has a rich and exciting history that can be learned. Lastly, discover and fall in love with Jamaica’s charm. Start planning your next trip to Jamaica now but don't say we didn't warn you. You are going to want to come back over and over again! 

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